SCHEDULING: Lessons are scheduled on a first come-first served basis for students motivated to develop their piano skills to the fullest potential. Students are responsible for reporting personal and class scheduling conflicts at the beginning of each month. The teacher will attempt to make up a lesson if her schedule permits and will attempt to alter the lesson schedule should numerous students be affected by the change.


TUITION: Lessons are private, parents may observe at any time. Invoice charges may be different each month, depending on the number of scheduled lessons. Fees for the entire month are due on the first lesson of the month. Payment methods accepted are cash, check, Venmo, Chase Quickpay, and Zelle.

Missed Lessons and Cancellations

MISSED LESSONS: A student is reserving a time slot on a finite schedule. Since every available time slot will be scheduled, it is difficult to arrange make-up lessons. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to schedule doctor appointments and other special activities around their lesson time. However, in the event of a foreseen conflict, students may exchange lesson times subject to the teacher’s approval and availability. There will be no refunding of tuition for missed lessons or credit applied to the next month’s statement for any reason.

MULTIPLE MISSED LESSONS: Students may not miss more than one lesson per month. This is to ensure students make timely and proper progress. Multiple missed lessons without the proper corresponding doctor’s note, may result in forfeiture of your time slot, and no refunds and / or credit will be given.

CANCELLATION: If an emergency or illness occurs, the parent/student must notify the teacher by text or call before 24 hours prior to the lesson. Students must accept the responsibility for arrangements regarding schedule conflicts. Conversely, since the teacher/student relationship is built on mutual respect and trust, students can expect the same professional courtesy from their teachers in the event of teacher illness or emergency absence. Remember: Registration represents a contract between teacher and student, agreeing to meet at the appointed time unless other arrangements are made in advance.